Lg Cm8460 Extreme Party Booster 2750W X-Boom Hifi

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LG CM8460 Extreme Party Booster 2750W X-Boom HiFi The LG X-Boom CM8460 is an excellent HiFi system – Let your inner DJ out! An amazing system with a punchy and powerful 2750W output and can playback your tunes stored on CD, USB (MP3/WMA) and even wireless from your Bluetooth enabled device. This covers all the music you have plus all the music available straight from the internet. The system is made up of the Mixing desk, two 1110W speakers with 25cm cones, twin woofers, two mids and two tweeters plus the 530W Subwoofer – gives an excellent detailed sound range. The built in LED X-Flash multi-lighting is a great feature, this lighting creates a real party atmosphere and the multi-coloured light show is synced to the tunes your are playing; creating your own club, in your own front room. Keep the music coming with Multi Jukebox, this means up to three Bluetooth enabled devices(phone/tablet etc) can connect; allowing friends to add their own tracks to the current playlist. When you need to join in, the Karaoke features are easy to use. Choose your track, use voice cancellation and key change, if needed, to become the popstar within you. Depth: 160 MM Height: 355 MM Width: 450 MM Digital Recorder: N Radio System: N Remote Control: Y Wifi Enabled: N 2750W Speakers LED Lighting Auto DJ CD Playback Bluetooth™ Aux/Portable 3 Speaker System Bass Reflex 10″ Speaker Twin USB