Game Of Thrones Seasons 1-6 Blu-Ray Box Set




Discover the ruthless world of Westeros in glorious HD with this Game of Thrones Blu-ray Box Set. Based on George R.R. Martin’s massively popular A Song of Ice and Fire novels, you can indulge your box set fix with all 60 hour-long episodes of the massively popular HBO drama. Shut the curtains and switch your phones off! The biggest TV sensation of the last 10 years, Game of Thrones is a riveting fantasy drama full of ruthless ambition, honour, political conniving, bloodshed, betrayal, mysterious magic and fearless heroics. Not to mention a fair amount of nudity… The Lannister and Stark families are locked in a rivalry that has lasted generations, but threats lie in all directions – including Stannis Baratheon’s determination to regain his brother’s crown, the Queen of Dragons across the Narrow Sea, religious fanatics in King’s Landing and the mysterious White Walkers beyond the Ice Wall. Settle in for an enthralling box set binge and let this riveting show take over your life! DVD Certificate: 18 Genre: Television