Bracketron Hands-Free Tekgrip Car Cup Holder Mount For Your Smartphone Or Sat Nav




go Hands-Free and keep Smartphone out of sight on the road with the Bracketron TekGrip Car Cup Holder Mount – fits most devices! With your safety in our best interests and in light of recent law changes, the TekGrip Cup Holder Mount from Bracketron comes in handy more than ever. It’s like a juggling act trying to type in an address when you need to get somewhere quick. Well now you don’t have to waste valuable travelling time. No more dropping your phone or dealing with the struggle of trying to hold your phone, now you can pop your phone in the holder provided and still be able to type, ensuring you’re using your device safely .A great way to mount your device whether you’re travelling or running errands, it’s simple to use; Just twist the dial until it’s tight in the cup holder! What we love is that because it sits into the cup holder, it’s especially great for when you have the children to occupy during those long road trips, they can play games on the device from the back seat! Or are you travelling alone? You can just use the TekGrip Holder Cup Mount to listen to music and know your device is in a convenient place and most importantly, out of sight. Without having to worry whether it will fit your car, the TekGrip Cup Holder Mount works with most cup holders and because it’s easy to set-up, it’s also easy to transfer into a different car. With a flexible neck so it can sit at all angles including landscape and portait, this is perfect if you don’t want it to clutter your dashboard, ensuring both you and your passenger can use the mount easily. Depth: 127 MM Height: 134 MM Width: 216 MM Works in Cup Holders up to 3.75 inches 360-degree rotation for portrait or landscape viewing Folding support legs for added support when needed Fits devices up to 3.5 inches wide